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Biffs and Nixon and Mop!

Heeheehee....can I just say that I love TMBG clock radio?
<superlong pause> Mop! <giggles>

Goodbye to Futurama...this last eppy was a bit too cute, but it was the end. At least there was a bit of resolution (unlike Firefly <sob>). And Nixon is always funny. ;)

I like biffs. I finally got around to looking for one yesterday, so now I don't have to wait for Thunderbird to load to see if I have any mail (or like I had to do before in order to know when I got mail, I don't have to start MozMail and then keep using the Mozilla browser). In case anyone's curious, I got this one...it took me a bit of looking (read: more than 2 seconds) to find one that would just check my mail and tell me if I had anything, rather than one that would tell me who sent it and show it for me and send messages and filter spam and make burnt creme brulee and clean my dryer's lint trap and tell me if my windshield wiper fluid was low too. <g>

Today, I got a pair of folding headphones from Best Buy (fairly decent-looking ones with big earpieces...I think they'll be good for the bus if I'm riding around by myself) and a big CD rack (set of shelves) from Office Max. And my Dad got a wireless USB thing, so now I get to keep mine on my computer, instead of having to feel guilty about hijacking it from Amy, and she gets to use the new one. ;)

Oh, and I love garlic bread. Mmmmmmm.

<snork> Lordy, a disco remix of Snail Shell. <giggles again>

I've got to admit, it's getting better

The new style for the BB? I say yes! ;)
(In case you didn't notice, you can put in any site on that url. Rather amusing <g>)

Oh, and I must say that I am particularly amused by the "toaster" (or actually "tostar") in giant letters.

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